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Principal’s words

The Recent Development of True Light Girls’ College (2008-2013)

Mr. Tam Kim Hung

“Unless the LORD builds the house, the builders labor in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain.” (Psalm 127:1)

The development of True Light went through the challenges of the earliest stage in Guangzhou to the ordeal of the wartime. Celebrating its 100th anniversary, True Light Girls’ College was established.

With God’s love, True Light has transcended and grown. With 40 years of grace and blessing from God, as well as the efforts of all True Light people, True Light Girls’ College has become an acclaimed Christian English girls’ school which was well- received and complimented by parents and different parties in the community.

Recently, the education sector, in particular the secondary schools, has faced many challenges including the new senior secondary curriculum reform, the fine-tuning of medium of instruction policy, the optimization of class structures, the drastic drop in S1 intake, and the controversy of National Education. In the face of myriad challenges, True Light Girls’ College, in the belief held for 140 years, is determined to inspire students and broaden their horizons by setting up suitable curricula and arranging exceptional other learning experiences. We also improved our teaching facilities in order to uplift learning efficiency. For a more comfortable and healthier studying environment, we work on beautifying and greening the campus. Cooperating with different working partners, True Light provides different learning opportunities for students. In conclusion, from the betterment of school facilities and the elevation of teaching and learning, to improvement of students’ academic performance and their ceaseless contribution to social services, God’s grace is always with us and all the achievements are the harvest of the efforts of all True Light people.


The following is a record of the recent development of True Light Girls’ College in terms of the reform in curriculum as well as teaching and learning, the extension of learning experiences and the improvement of school facilities.

Introduction of the New Senior Secondary Curriculum and Reforms in Teaching and Learning

  1. The New Senior Secondary Curriculum has been implemented since 2009. Our school introduced altogether fourteen elective subjects, providing more than eighty subject combination choices.
  2. Small group teaching is implemented in Liberal studies, with four classes being split into six groups. Small class teaching and cooperative learning is adopted in lessons. A team of very experienced teachers with Liberal Studies as their major teaching subjects was formed to enhance the teaching and learning effectiveness of the subject. Our students achieved very outstanding results in the 2012 HKDSE in Liberal Studies, of which about 80% of them attained Level 4 or above.
  3. To provide more assistance to the Secondary Five and Six students, remedial courses in Chinese, English and Mathematics were provided in addition to regular teaching practice. Other enhancement courses for elite students were also introduced in many other electives. The HKDSE results of the first cohort of NSS students were very promising. More than 70% of the students were given an offer from JUPAS and over 90% of our students continued their post-secondary studies in either universities or other tertiary institutions.
  4. To allow students to become more creative and apply all of their skills effectively in learning, a Cross-Curricular Learning Day was introduced since 2011. Each form came up with a different theme including excursions to Central, understanding the development of Tsim Sha Tsui and environmental conservation in Hong Kong, etc. The Cross-Curricular Day received lots of support from both teachers and parents. It was proved to be a useful school function to enhance students’ learning motivation and help them to understand the true meaning of learning.
  5. Joining with other True Light schools, our school has successfully applied for the e-learning pilot scheme. During the summer holiday in 2011, the Wifi system of the classrooms was upgraded and 32 iPads were purchased for students to have e-learning lessons. Teachers joined many training programmes and applied various apps in Secondary One and Two lessons to enhance class interaction as well as teaching and learning efficiency.
  6. The four True Light schools have jointly published two books in 2012. One is named as “A Light in the Land of Sinim” which was written by our school founder Ms. Harriet Noyes while the other is “From Guangzhou to Hong Kong --- The Narrated History of True Light Golden Years”. Based on the book “A Light in the Land of Sinim”, our Religious Education Panel designed a school-based curriculum to let students understand more about the aim and history of True Light schools. It is hoped that students will regard the school founder as a role model and continue to pass on the True Light spirit.
  7. In 2012, our school launched a language-across-curricula project. In order to facilitate teaching and learning, a consultant was hired to assist subject teachers and English teachers to implement lessons which facilitate cross-curricular learning.
  8. Our school participated in a programme co-organized by Education Bureau and Hong Kong Drama/Theatre and Education Forum in 2012. The scheme was implemented in the teaching of language and History to help students reflect through drama performances so as to master knowledge acquisition and enhance learning effectiveness.
  9. A school-based English drama course has been established in Secondary One and Two since 2012 to introduce drama knowledge and the techniques of expressing themselves through words. Through this programme, students’ communication and collaborative ability can be enhanced.
  10. In 2012, a school-based career planning programme was started in Secondary Four with the aim of helping senior form students to have a deeper self-understanding and assist them to start career planning.


Extension of Students’ Learning Experiences

  1. Study tours to mainland China were organized to deepen students’ understanding of the history of China, as well as its recent economic and cultural development. It also gives the participants precious opportunities to take part in voluntary work in order to promote the spirit of “Thou Art the Light of the World”. The study tours that have been organised in the past five years are as follows:
    a. Guangdong Province Cultural Exchange Tour 
    b. Study Tour to Nanjing.
    c. Cultural Exchange Tour between Guilin and Hong Kong
    d. Shanghai Expo Tour
    e. Suzhou Art and Charity Tour
    f. True Light Joint School Learning Experience Camp
    g. National Defense and Military Affairs Learning Tour
    h. Experiential Scheme for the Guangzhou Asian Games
    i. Youth Summit –Wunan Study Tour
    j. Xian Cultural Study Tour
    k. Changsha Wuhan Exchange Tour
    l. Xiamen Study Tour
    m. Shanghai and Hangzhou Cultural Exchange Tour
    n. True Light Students Exchange Scheme
  2. Overseas study tours have been arranged to strengthen students’ English conversational and listening skills, and cultivate self-discipline, confidence and a strong sense of responsibility. Students studied English and learnt about the local cultures in Canada, Australia and the UK for around two to three weeks.
  3. A five-day ‘True Light Joint School Singapore Study Tour’ was organized with an aim to enrich students’ understanding in racial harmony, environmental protection and social construction in Singapore. They were given a precious chance to understand the cultural differences and exchange ideas with students in Nanyang Girls’ High School and River Valley high School in Singapore. Students also experienced the use of iPads in classroom learning and witnessed its beneficial effects.
  4. Since 2010, an experiential learning programme which lasts for several consecutive days has been organized annually. The activities held include visiting elderly homes and sheltered workshops, holding games stalls, snack fundraising, putting up drama performances, partaking in appreciation workshops, competing in inter-house history quizzes, tug-of-war competitions, singing contests and fashion design contests. It is believed that such an annual programme can enrich students’ other learning experiences and facilitate their all-round and balanced development
  5. A couple of local exchange programmes have been initiated by our school. In 2012 and 2013, the school co-organized a three-day exchange scheme with Munsang College and SKH Lam Woo Memorial Secondary School respectively and about a dozen students from each school attended classes at the partner school. Participants found the programmes invaluable, indelible and enlightening, and were inspired by an array of learning experiences through which they helped spread the culture of True Light.
  6. The Annual Concert is organized in July every year. Apart from helping nurture students’ interest in music, it provides a platform for students to enrich their learning experiences and exert their leadership. Students learn to plan, organize, and promote the event as well as cooperating with others. The outstanding student performances never fail to impress the audience.
  7. The school has provided opportunities for students to showcase their artistic talents to the community through holding exhibitions of student artwork, including MTR community art galleries, ‘Thanksgiving in Style 2.0 -- Touching Moments in Hong Kong’ Photo Exhibition and CCC Joint-school Art Exhibition -- ARTraction, to name a few. They have provided valuable chances for students to showcase their strengths and artistic talents to the public.
  8. A broad range of visits and interflow programmes have been arranged to widen students’ horizons. Students’ self-confidence and a stronger sense of belonging are fostered through receiving guests and taking part in performances. The groups that have visited our school include a group of about fifty  school principals from Mainland China, visiting groups from Dongguk University of Korea, elite visiting groups from Hubei and True Light visiting groups from Guangzhou, etc.
  9. Students are persistently encouraged to volunteer for good causes to realize the school motto, ‘Thou Art the Light of the World’. Service activities include ‘V-are-One’ Wing Hang Youth Community Service Project, a joint-school service project — Knitting a Beautiful Life, a charity sale under the Secret Angel Elderly Sponsorship Programme, serving secluded seniors under the Happy Campaign — Welcoming the Year of Rabbit with Enthusiasm and Good Heath, ‘Travelling with the Elderly’ Year of the Rabbit Community Service Programme, an inclusive activity ‘Wisdom. Love Campaign’ and so on. The total annual service hours of students exceeded 30,000 hours and approximately 300 students are given community service awards every year.
  10. The Job Shadowing Project has been launched since 2012. With assistance from alumnae, students are given opportunities to job shadow experienced staff members at different business firms to gain practical work experience, which not only sheds light on the real requirements at work, but also helps students plan their future better.

Improvement of School Facilities

  1. Biology, Physics and Integrated Sciences Laboratories were renovated and better-equipped with advanced experiment apparatus to enhance teaching efficiency as well as students’ interest in the subjects.
  2. The Performing Arts Gallery was built on the fifth floor of the New Annex to showcase students’ excellence and fine work in performing arts.
  3. Prayer Room and Religious Room were set up to enrich the religious atmosphere in school and enhance students’ knowledge in Christianity.
  4. School administration was fully computerized with the help of the Quality Education Fund. Students’ attendance and various payments can now be made with smart cards. Security to special rooms was also made more convenient.
  5. Technological equipment and computer system in the Staff Room were upgraded to assist teachers’ preparation for lessons as well as the handling of administrative duties.
  6. The school acquired new information technology teaching tools including interactive white boards and simultaneous response system to increase the interactions in and the interest of the lessons. Each classroom and special room is equipped with a visualizer, with which teachers can display students’ work instantly. This not only fosters class discussion but also raise teaching effectiveness.
  7. Students’ lockers were replaced. With a 33% increase in volume, the new ones accommodate more books and reduce the weight of students’ school bags.
  8. Student TV was set up with the Quality Education Fund. Our students are given the chance to experience the creation of a television program and manage advanced audio-visual technology. At the same time, they also develop their creativity, critical thinking, IT skills, problem-solving abilities as well as language proficiency.
  9. The setting up of the School History Gallery deepens students understanding of the history and development of the Guangzhou and Hong Kong True Light schools. Apart from fostering students’ sense of belonging, it also develops in students a stronger sense of responsibility to be a True Light bearer.
  10. The school is also made greener by –
  • the installation of the water-saving flushing system that reduces the water usage by 30%;
  • the installation of energy-saving tubes that reduces the electricity usage by 10%;
  • the installation of energy-efficient air-conditioners which could reduce indoor noise and create a more quiet environment for students;
  • the upkeep of the green roof-top garden and other recreational areas which also enhances students’ understanding of the process of life;
  • the renovation of the fish-pond area to create a more lively environment.

True Light Girls’ College has been receiving endless blessings from our Lord. Without our Lord’s grace and blessings, we could never have achieved what we have today. God has sent to True Light countless loyal servants, namely, previous and existing school supervisors, managers, principals, teachers and non-teaching staff, parents, alumnae as well as all those who love and care about True Light. Without their selfless devotion as well as their passion and love, True Light would not have been created. Their devotion and sacrifice, be it time or monetary donations, have contributed as great support and encouragement to each and every True Light girl, nurturing them and helping them chase their dreams in the open sky. I wish all True Light girls will feel grateful and seize every opportunity to learn, pass on the fine traditions of True Light and realize the school motto “Thou Art the Light of the World”. I wish True Light will continue to nurture many more True Light daughters who shine forth for the world under the guidance of “True Light”.



真光女書院近期的發展 (2008 – 2013)


「若不是耶和華建造房屋,建造的人就枉然勞力。若不是耶和華看守城池,看守的人就枉然儆醒。」 (詩127:1)






  1. 新高中課程於二零零九年開展,學校共開辦十四個選修科組,提供超過八十個選科組合,讓同學有充足及多元化的選擇。
  2. 新高中通識教育科以四班分成六組,小班教學及合作學習模式上課,並組成專科專教的教學團隊,以提升教學效能。二零一二年首屆中學文憑考試的通識科成績優異,近八成同學考獲四級或以上。
  3. 為中五及中六學生提供更適切的學習照顧,增設中、英、數增潤課程,又為不同的選修科安排拔尖課程,以加強學生的解難能力。首屆中學文憑考試各科成績理想,接近七成的同學獲派聯招的學位,九成多的同學繼續升讀大學或專上課程。
  4. 二零一一年起舉行跨科學習日,設計具創意的學習活動,促進學生更有效地掌握學習技巧及應用不同學科知識解決問題。各級有不同的主題,包括中環實地考察、尖沙咀發展探索及環保在香港等等。跨科學習日,在老師悉心籌備、家長義工的協助下,學生在新穎而具挑戰性的學習經歷中,加強學習動機,提升學習效能,領悟學習真諦。
  5. 聯同其他真光學校,成功申請電子學習先導計劃,於二零一一年暑假期間進行提升有關課室無線系統裝置,並購買三十二台平板電腦,讓學生在課堂上使用。老師參與多次培訓課程,並在中一及中二的課堂上利用不同的應用程式,令課堂提高互動,更見效率。
  6. 二零一二年真光四校聯合出版校祖遺著«光在華夏»及«從廣州到香港 – 真光流金歲月的口述歷史»。宗教教育組以«光在華夏»為藍圖編製校本課程,讓學生更深入了解校祖創立真光的歷史及目的,藉此以校祖為榜樣,承傳真光的精神。
  7. 二零一二年推行跨科語文協作計劃,聘請專業導師協助不同學科教師與英文科老師策劃並實踐跨科學習,讓各科課程環環相扣,令學習更流暢有序。
  8. 二零一二年參與香港教育劇場論壇及教育局合辦之「戲劇行動為媒 – 融會貫通學教範式拓展計劃」先導計劃,在語文科及歷史科推行。藉此計劃讓學生透過戲劇表演及個人的反思,將學習內容融會貫通,加強學習的效果。
  9. 二零一二年開設中一、中二校本英語戲劇課程,教授學生戲劇知識及言語表達技巧,提升學生的溝通及協作能力。
  10. 二零一二年於中四級開展校本「生涯規劃」課程,讓新高中學生能深入認識自己,協助她們展開生涯規劃。


  1. 組織國內考察交流團,讓學生以深入了解國家不同時代的歷史,以及近期在經濟及文化上的發展,更參與內地義務工作,以發揚「爾乃世之光」的精神。
    (a) 廣東省經濟文化考察暨真光尋根之旅
    (b) 南京考察之旅
    (c) 桂港‧和而不同,民族文化之旅
    (d) 上海世博 – 滬港雙城文化及長三角規劃與發展之旅
    (e) 智行 – 蘇州藝術營
    (f) 真光聯校廣州學習體驗營
    (g) 歷史國情(防衛) ─國防與軍隊知識學習之旅
    (h) 廣州亞運會體驗計劃
    (i) 青年匯聚 –「湘」聚有你
    (j) 古都西安文化考察之旅
    (k)「同行萬里」高中學生內地交流計劃 (長沙、武漢)
    (l) 廈門海上花園之旅
    (m) 上海杭州交流學習團
    (n) 穗港真光學生交流計劃

  2. 舉辦海外英語進修遊學團,先後到加拿大、澳州及英國進行兩至三星期的英語及旅遊學習活動,藉此加強學生的英語會話及聆聽能力,並培養獨立,加強學習自信。
  3. 舉辦「真光聯校新加坡五天交流考察團」,藉此讓同學認識及了解新加坡在種族共融、環境保護及社會建設三方面的現況與發展,比較星港兩地不同的文化及特色,並與當地南洋女子中學及立化中學學生交流,了解當地學生以平板電腦學習的情況。學生於旅程中亦以平板電腦學習,效果理想。
  4. 從二零一零年起,每年舉辦一連數日的其他學習經歷日。活動包括探訪老人院及庇護工場作義工服務、攤拉遊戲及小食義賣籌款、舉辦話劇比賽和鑑賞工作坊、社際歷史問答比賽、班際拔河比賽、真光歌曲歌唱比賽及時裝設計比賽,透過多元化的活動,使學生的其他學習經歷更為豐盛,讓學生得到全面及均衡的發展。
  5. 舉辦本地交流計劃,分別於二零一二年與民生書院及二零一三年與聖公會林護紀念中學合作,各校派出十多位學生到夥伴學校進行為期三天交換學習。參與計劃的學生均感機會珍貴難忘,既能擴闊視野,又可增進學習經驗。交流計劃藉不同的學習經歷啟發學生,亦藉此傳揚真光的文化。
  6. 每年七月舉辦的周年音樂會,可培養學生對學習音樂的興趣,讓學生在籌備音樂會的過程中,學習計劃、組織、推廣及群體合作等不同技能,豐富學生的其他學習經歷,並發揮她們的領導才能。來賓都認為本校學生表演精彩,印象難忘。
  7. 舉辦學生作品展,包括港鐵社區畫廊、「感恩拍拍2.0 – 感動一刻在香港」攝影展及中華基督教會聯校視藝展「藝行」等。透過展覽向社區介紹本校學生的優秀藝術作品,讓學生有更多機會一展現藝術才華。
  8. 安排探訪交流活動,藉此擴濶學生的視野,並讓學生透過參與接待和表演,增加自信及提升對學校的歸屬感。曾接待過的團體包括有內地中學校長訪問團、韓國東國大學師生團、湖北精英訪問團及廣州真光訪問團等。
  9. 積極鼓勵學生參與義工服務,以實踐「爾乃世之光」的校訓,活動包括有永亨「義人行」學界義工計劃「織」極人生、「秘密天使」助老計劃慈善義賣、開心運動之積極健康迎喜兔與隱蔽長者交流、護老「優」遊賀兔年社會服務、「智•愛行動」之共融活動等。每年學生總服務時數超過三萬小時,而每年獲得社區服務獎狀的學生接近三百人。
  10. 於二零一二年開展工作體驗計劃,透過校友的協助,安排學生到不同的商業機構進行影子學習,讓她們了解工作的真實要求,並為自己的前路作出更好的規劃。


  1. 重新裝修生物實驗室、物理實驗室及綜合科學實驗室,並增添先進實驗儀器,以加強同學的學習興趣及果效。
  2. 在新翼五樓建設演藝廊,藉以展示學生優秀的成就和卓越的作品。
  3. 建設祈禱室及宗教室,藉此加強學校的宗教氛圍及鼓勵同學對信仰有更多的認識。
  4. 透過申請優質教育基金,使學校行政全面電腦化,以智能咭處理學生考勤及付款,同時提升特別室的門禁系統。
  5. 全面優化教員室使用的電腦設備,提升老師備課及處理行政事務的效能。
  6. 添置電子學習工具,包括電子白板及瞬間回應系統,藉此加強課堂的互動效果,並且提高課堂的趣味。並在每一個課室及特別室安裝實物投影器,以方便老師能即時展示學生的習作,加強課堂的討論氣氛,提升課堂的效率。
  7. 更換學生儲物櫃。新儲物櫃的容量比以往的大三份之一,方便學生存放更多書本,以減輕學生書包的重量和負擔。
  8. 透過優質教育基金,在校內推行「學生電視台計劃」,藉此讓學生體驗製作一個節目的不同環節,掌握新的視像媒體數碼科技,幫助學生發揮創意、加強批判性思考訓練、有效運用資訊科技、提升解難及研習的能力。另外,透過影像製作及欣賞電視節目,讓學生發揮多元智能,有助加強學生兩文三語的能力。
  9. 建設校史廊,讓學生更深認識了解真光在廣州及香港發展的歷史,藉此加強學生對真光的歸屬感及承傳真光使命的責任感。
  10. 增添環保綠化設施:

(a) 更換全校慳水沖厠系統,使耗水量大幅減少三成。

(b) 更換全校節能光管,使耗電量大幅減少百份之十。

(c) 更換舊式冷氣機為一級節能冷氣機,既環保亦減少雜音,使課室環境更舒適。

(d) 在天台及其他休憩地方種植各類植物,一方面綠化環境,另一方面讓學生學習培育生命的過程。

(e) 活化大門口的魚池,為校園增添生氣。


Thou art the light of the world

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