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School Information
District :
Yau Tsim & Mong Kok
Supervisor / Chairman of School Management Committee :
Rev. Chan Chi Kin
Principal :
Mr. Tam Kim Hung -B.Sc (Eng)(HKU) -M.Ed (HKU) -P.C.Ed. (HKU) -Dip.CS. (CGST) 
School Type :
Sex :
School Size :
Around 7540 sq.m
Sponsoring Body :
The Kowloon True Light Middle School
Has the Incorporated Management Committee been established
Religion :
Protestantism / Christianity 
Year of Commencement of Operation :
School Motto :
Thou art the Light of the World 
Parent-Teacher Association :
Student Union / Association :
Past Students’ Association / School Alumni Association :
Accept discretionary places :
Secondary One Admission :
Academic and other achievements contribute to 60% of the mark; while interview contributes to another 40%. 
Orientation Activities :
S1 Summer English Bridging Programme, S1 Orientation Programme and S1 English Enrichment Course. 
Direct public transportation to School :
Bus: 7, 8, 10, 81C, 208, 270A, 271; MTR: Yau Ma Tei MTR Station, Exit A2 or D. 

Chargeable Fees
S1 S2 S3
School Fee($): - -
Tong Fai($): - -
S4 S5 S6
School Fee($): - - -
Tong Fai($): 340 340 340
PTA Membership Fee($):
Students' Association Membership Fee($):
Charges for Specific Purposes($):
Enhancement of Non Standard Equipment Fee
(S1-S5 : $310, S6 : $160)

Information of Teaching Staff
(including School Head)
No. of teaching staff in approved establishment : 51
Total number of teachers on the school: 57
Qualifications and Professional Training Percentage of all teaching staff (%)
Teacher Certificate / Diploma in Education : 100
Bachelor Degree : 53
Master / Doctorate Degree or above : 47 
Special Education Training 30 
Working Experiences Percentage of all teaching staff(%)
0 - 4 years : 19
5 - 9 years : 16
10 years or above : 65

Class Structure
S1 S2


No. of Classes :
S4 S5 S6
No. of Classes : 4

Subjects offered
Chinese as the medium of instruction : Chinese Language, Chinese History, Putonghua, Religious Education
English as the medium of instruction : English Language, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Computer Literacy, Music, Physical Education, Home Economics, Visual Arts, Life and Society
Adopt different medium of instruction by class or by group / school-based curriculum :
Chinese as the medium of instruction : Chinese Language, Chinese History, Putonghua, Religious Education
English as the medium of instruction : English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, Business Fundamentals, Computer Literacy, Music, Physical Education, Visual Arts, Career Education, Life and Society
Use either Chinese or English as the medium of instruction by class or by group :
S.4 -S.6 New Senior Secondary (NSS)
Chinese as the medium of instruction : Chinese Language, Chinese History, Chinese Literature, Religious Education
English as the medium of instruction : English Language, Mathematics, Citizenship and Social Development (S4), Liberal Studies (S5&S6), Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Geography, History, Economics, BAFS, ICT, Visual Arts, Physical Education, Aesthetic Development, Career Education
Use either Chinese or English as the medium of instruction by class or by group :
Student Learning Profile:
* English extended learning activities
What students have achieved and participated in the secondary school years together with their reflections are included in the Student Learning Profile. It not only serves as a comprehensive learning record but also facilitates students’ reflection on learning and helps in goal-setting for their future. 
Other learning experiences:
For the whole person development of students, our school will offer students a range of other learning experiences and encourage them to participate in such areas as Moral and Civic Education, Community Service, Career-related Experiences, Aesthetic Development and Physical Development. Students are expected to be nurtured with balanced development of namely the six virtues, ‘Ethics, Intellect, Physique, Social Skills, Aesthetics and Spirituality'. 

School health education
In subjects like Science, Home Economics and Physical Education, we teach student's personal hygiene, food hygiene, balanced diet and exercises for fitness. We organize workshops on sex education and mental health in Life Education lessons and Ethics lessons. 

Extra-curricular/Co-curricular Activities
52 clubs and interest groups: religious, academic, recreational, social services and uniform groups. 

School Characteristics
Schools' Key Concerns

1. True Light Education Cultivation
2. Learning Effectiveness Enhancement
3. Gearing toward STEM Education
4. Catering for Diverse Learning Needs

School Management
(1)School Organization :
The principal leads the core committee to establish the school development goals and policies. This committee holds regular meeting in every cycle to discuss the planning and implementation of school policies. Different departments and committees are responsible for managing school affairs, including the academic committee formed by various subject panel heads, guidance and discipline committee, other learning experience committee, careers guidance committee, I.T. committee and religious education committee, etc. 
(2)Incorporated Management Committee :
The School Management Committee has been set up in September 2011. It consists of representatives of the Hong Kong Council of the Church of Christ in China, parents, teachers, alumnae and independent school mangers. 
(3)School Green Policy :
Our major aim is to raise the awareness of environmental conservation among all students by organizing various workshops and seminars in school. A Green Ambassador from each class is selected to promote environmental conservation in school. Cross-curricular learning on environmental education is encouraged; we also strongly emphasize on the idea of recycling and waste separation in order to provide a clean and green learning environment. 
Learning and Teaching Plan
(1)Whole-school Language Policy :
Our School is an EMI school. Junior non-language subjects taught in Chinese take than 5% of the total lesson time. There is English-rich environment at school to arouse students' interest in learning English, which are much enhanced by the provision of drama education in English lessons for S1 and S2 students. To enable students to be biliterate and trilingual. Putonghua lessons are designed for junior forms.
(2)Learning & Teaching Strategies :
In pursuance of the Christian spirit of benevolence, the school aims to provide quality education for girls, laying equal emphasis on the moral, intellectual, physical, social, aesthetic and spiritual aspects of whole-person development so that the students can develop their full potential. Through the learning process which focuses on learning and thinking, students can acquire critical thinking, cultivate correct values and positive attitude to life. 
(3)School-based curriculum :
To realize our rationales in education and the learning needs of students, school-based curricula ae practised by Ethics, Life Education for junior forms (Life Education I focuses on personal growth and hygiene while Life Education II specializes at Liberal Studies) and Aesthetic Development for the NSS curriculum, while there are tailor-made learning materials for different subjects to provide quality learning experiences for our students. 
(4)Key Tasks :
Students' learning effectiveness is very much enhanced first in classrooms as teachers flexibly adopt suitable teaching strategies to cater for their learning diversities, while students will be using cooperative learning skills to make their classroom ieaming doubly effective. Besides, in order to broaden students earning horizons and to motivate them to learn proactively, cross-curricular earning is much emphasized through the implementation of the Cross-curricular Learning Day and many tailor-made curricula, students self-directed learning abilities will also be strengthened as they acquire e-learning skills in schoo Secondary One, enrich their learning experiences through engaging themselves in producing and enjoying educational Student TV programmes, and develop their reading-to-leam habits with the help of the School Library facilities and the Readlng Periods.
(5)Life Planing :

Our school has developed a systematic framework for life planning education for the holistic development of students. Students are provided with opportunities for understanding of themselves, career exploration and career management so that they can be more prepared to make informed choices for study and future career. With the support from such resources as the community and parents, a wide variety of activities such as talks, visits, job experience programmes and mentorship are also available and students are encouraged to participate in them. Apart from students, teachers and parents are also equipped to support students during their transition period from school to work in the form of staff development programmes, talks and workshops.

Student Support
(1)Whole School Approach to Cater for Students’ Diverse Learning Needs :

In order to cater for the individual difference in term of students' proficiency, there are respective after-school tutorial classes in Chinese, English and Mathematics for S1-3. High achievers are encouraged to participate in various competitions and enrichment programmes organized by our school and external organizations. It is hoped that students can improve their problem solving skills and widen their horizon.

(2)Curriculum Tailoring and Adaptation for Learning and Assessment :
There are two examinations in one academic year and two tests in each term. The results of the tests weigh 30% of the overall mark and those of the examinations weigh 70%. 
(3)Policy on Class Promotion/Detention :
Prior to deciding whether a student should be repeating her study a year, a deliberation will be made with the parents so as to understand the actual learning situation of the student and to rectify any learning problems identified. 
Home-school Co-operation and School Ethos
(1)Home-School Co-operation :
In order to facilitate the communication and cooperation of parents and school for the whole-person development of students, "True Light Girls' College Parent-Teacher Association" was established in 1999. The PTA holds and sponsors various activities, such as "Old Book Selling", "S.1 Form Association Inauguration Ceremony", "Annual Concert", "Reading Scheme" and parental talk. 
(2)School Ethos :
The school motto is "Thou Art the Light of the World". In pursuance of the Christian spirit of love and equality, we engage ourselves in providing quality education for girls. We encourage our students to follow the teaching of Christ, "to love thy neighbors as thyself" and develop a community spirit. A Mentoring scheme is established so student leaders can serve as role models for junior students. It is hoped that students can be trained to be more self-disciplined. Through the establishment of Form Association and the mentoring schemes for S6 and S3, S5 and S2, S4 and S1, we aim at further fostering students' collaborative and co-operative spirit so that they can establish positive relationships with others. 
Future Development
School Development Plan :
The fine legacies and traditions of True Light are upheld to help cultivate students' whole person development. To enhance learning effectiveness cross-curricular learning, self directed learning, co-operation learning and e-Learning with the use of ipads are carried out. School-based gifted education developed to stretch students' potential, Career education in school is reinforced so that students can learn to plan their career and future goals which can help them make wise decisions for future studies.
Teacher Professional Training & Development :

To facilitate the professional development of teachers, programs for (1) enhancing teaching and learning effectiveness(such as e-learning in classroom, catering for learning diversities, developing students' self-directed learning skills); (2) enriching knowledge and skills in student guidance (such as taking care of students with special education needs, crisis managemen and (3) teachers' personal growth (such as teachers' retreat, Joint Christian schools spiritual enrichment talk) will be conducted. Also, mentor will be arranged for new teachers to facilitate their adaptation to school.

The New Annex was in use in October, 2005. An addition of 4 classrooms has solved the problem of floating classes. Furthermore, many special rooms were built, including a library, music room, language room, computer-assisted learning room, student activity centre, conference room, practice room, supportive education room, multi-purpose room, gymnastics rooms, Chapel and School History Archive. A badminton court and a lovely garden have been established. The roof-top can function as a basketball court and tennis practice court.


Thou art the light of the world

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