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True Light Girls’ College Student Union

Student Union 2022-2023 Executive Committee Members List

Velarix, is the new Executive Committee of the Student Union 2022-2023. It is made up of three words – Vesper, Larix and Elixir – which mean “star”, “warmth and bravery”, and “determination to improve”, respectively. The Student Union hopes to be the light to students while providing them with a splendid school life. We would also like to organise a wide array of activities in this academic year to give students unforgettable memories at True Light.
 ChairpersonLi Hoi Kiu5A
Vice ChairpersonIu Wing Yi5A
TreasurerFu Wing Chi5C
Internal SecretaryHuang Lok Huen5A
External SecretaryChiang Hiu Lam5A
Recreational SecretaryChoi Wai Ying Sharon4D
Welfare SecretaryHon Chung Miu5D
Academic SecretaryWong Sin Yu4B
Publicity SecretaryCheng Tin Wai4B
StewardIp Hoi Ki5C


4 Houses 2021-2022