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Graduation Ceremony 2021-2022

The Graduation Ceremony was held in the afternoon of 24th June 2022 to celebrate the completion of our S6 graduates’ learning journey at True Light. It was a true privilege to have invited our alumna Dr. Chan Man Se, Natalie to be our guest of honour, who delivered an inspirational speech to encourage our graduates to be positive, persevering and resilient. All S6 graduates cheerfully received their Graduation Certificates from her.

The Lantern Passing Ceremony was held afterwards for students to carry on with the long tradition and history of True Light. During the ceremony, our S6 graduates passed the True Light Lantern to current S5 student representatives, symbolising the succession and perpetuation of the school’s spirit and legacy.

All graduates engaged themselves joyfully in taking photos with their classmates, family members and teachers after the Ceremony.