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The 5th Hong Kong Secondary School Peer Mediation Competition (2021-2022)

Our students, including Chiang Hiu Lam (4A), Iu Hei Laam (4A), Iu Wing Yi (4A) and Choi Ki Yan (4B), were crowned champions in the 5th Hong Kong Secondary School Peer Mediation Competition. The competition featured four of our young aspiring mediators who displayed their exceptional peer mediation skills under spotlight. During the second session of the Seminar, our students and guest speakers explored the common disputes in school and how peer mediation could be used to prevent the escalation of these disputes. The speakers were highly impressed with our students’ in-depth understanding of mediation and the values behind it, thereby promoting schools to develop the mediation culture, resolving conflicts with a positive and constructive mindset. We congratulated them on having won the championship.