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Student Union Annual General Meeting & Election 2023-2024

The Annual General Meeting of the Student Union was held on 13th September 2023. Velarix, the cabinet of 2022-2023, made a clear and lucid report on the activities they had organised and expressed the avid devotion they had made to our school throughout the previous academic year. The Election Forum was then kicked off with the presentation of annual plans and Q&A session with the two cabinets — Larenis and Rthyria. Reaping the majority of votes from students, Larenis was elected as the Student Union in this academic year. Cheung Tin Wai (5B), the chairman of the Student Union, promised the new cabinet would try their best to embrace True Light’s dynamic spirit and traditional values. They will organise multiple activities and competitions throughout this year, with an emphasis on bringing vivacity to the school and cultivating the quintessential qualities of being a True Light girl.