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True Light Girls’ College – Future Classroom

In 2022, we established the Future Classroom, which is a brand new learning space with many innovative technological devices that enhance interaction between teachers and students, boost student motivation, and improve their learning effectiveness.


Supported by the Quality Education Fund, the E-Learning Center has been renovated into the Future Classroom and equipped with a variety of new technological devices.

At the entrance of the Future Classroom, there is a facial recognition system installed. All teachers and staff must pass through this system to enter the classroom, and the most unique feature is that they can use the system without having to remove their masks.

The most eye-catching device is the Interactive TV wall, which consists of eight 55-inch TVs. The TV wall has a touch screen, and teachers can directly control the computer and write on the TV wall. Students can use their tablets to interact with the teacher on the TV wall, engage in discussions, share ideas and opinions, and more. The large TV wall can simultaneously project the screens of eight tablets, allowing everyone to participate in the learning process.



In addition, the Future Classroom features an Ultra-Short Throw Interactive Projector and a Dual Use Magnetic Projection Whiteboard that can project and write. Teachers can use a portable object projector to project objects onto the whiteboard and add appropriate annotations to present knowledge to students in a more vivid and intuitive way, helping them better understand and remember.

These innovative technological devices make the Future Classroom a vibrant and interactive learning environment that enhances the effectiveness of teaching and learning.

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